Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mr. Famous

Here's a quick update while I continue to cope with this wretched, hot, humid, sticky weather.

Nigel has had a brush with fame. Terribly important music website PopMatters has published a list of top twenty, all-time, best-ever Pavement songs. Pavement is a band, and not just any band, but one of Nigel's all-time, best-ever favourites. Ian and Elly and I frequently mock this affection (mostly Ian and I), so this week has been especially thrilling for Nigel. If you check out the top twenty list, and scroll down the page, way down to number 16 on the list, a number called "We Dance"...

Well, the video they chose to highlight that song was shot by Nigel himself, last Autumn in Minneapolis.

If you want to check out Nigel's other concert videos, check out his YouTube channel here.

Now go and watch them and favourite them and make him feeled loved.