Saturday, April 21, 2012

Before April Ends

Well, what a month it's been.  What I thought was a very nasty cold turned into pneumothorax.  My doctor put me on powerful antibiotics and I'm on the mend now, and though I'm not quite operating at full speed yet, I've started trying to get this house looking a tad more presentable.  My worst moments were last week-end when the pain was so bad at times I couldn't turn pages in a book.  Thankfully the boys were off at the Coachella Music Fest, freeing me up from the regular wife/mother servitude.  Huzzah!

Nigel shot a few videos while the music played, here's Santigold and, if you don't mind s bit of full frontal male nudity (back-lit, mind you), here's The Black Lips.  Ah, boys...

I've been knitting (very slowly), but it's too early yet to reveal much, but here's a tiny smattering:

Hmmm, I wonder what these could be?

While convalescing, I watched the film Small Town Girl on TCM, featuring a fabulous dance number that expresses exactly how I wasn't feeling.  Here's a clip: