Monday, February 25, 2008

Stitches and Stones

In honour of Jane's almost big birthday I've decided to send a gift-a-month to her. It's along the same lines as hers to me (the button-of-the-month, remember?). I'm going to do a handmade-of-the-month to her. So, something small and handmade by me, and maybe I'll try to keep to useful objects, not just objets d'arts. This month is a set of handmade stitchmarkers, for her knitting, in sterling, packaged in an origami envelope. The stitchmarkers are very simple to do, just little sterling charms attatched to sterling closed jump rings. I prefer the closed jump rings to the open, as there is one less edge to snag the yarn. I think I ordered the 7mm size, which fit on any knitting needle 6.5mm and smaller (makes sense, no?)

A hearty congratulations to the Manitoba Women's Curling Team. If you were watching you'll know it was a real nail-bitter.

In fact I was on pins and needles while that last rock was being thrown.

My eyes were glued to the set.

but the ending was perfect.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jane's Big Day

Today is my sister Jane's birthday. I won't tell you her age, but next year she'll be a big round number.

Jane is extremely bright with a strong creative side. She once wrote the Ontario LSAT test cold (no preparatory class, no study) just to make a point to someone that it was just a test and no big deal. She scored very high, the top three percent, if I remember correctly.

Jane's always amazingly busy. If she's not exploring, creating or building, then she's hosting, organising or facilitating. Here she is enjoying a day at the beach, not by laying in the sand, but by building a castle with turrets and a very large moat.

Jane's love of shopping is legendary in our family. She loves shoes and at work would have an entire desk drawer devoted to extra pairs of them. Here she is showing her latest togs:

Don't let that expression fool you, she loves shopping.

Happy Birthday Jane!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Scarves For Winter

It's been ages since I posted. I blame the mid-winter blahs and a feeling of being generally worn out. I even skipped out on one of the bi-monthly knitting meetings.

Even though no-one's seen me lately, I've still been busy on the needles.

I started and finished a quick knit scarf out of a hank from the stash, a Handmaiden Yarn, or maybe Fiddlesticks, I can't remember.

The yarn has a fair bit of silk in it, giving it a lovely drape and sheen. I just did a simple all over, yarn-over pattern. I'm very pleased with it.

I also made this kit, from Morehouse Farms. The pattern was fun, and I thought it might be an idea for potential Christmas presents for next year.

This pattern was only sold as a kit and, though I love the colour, I don't care for the yarn at all. It's 100% wool, but feels like acrylic. In fact to be specific, it feels like Phentex, eewww , ick.

I would definitely make this pattern again, but with a softer yarn, maybe a Sirdar worsted weight.

I also started working on one of the two dollhouse kits I got this past Christmas.

I've been working on the exterior paint.

I'm trying to make it look like limestone. For the time being the interior is pale cream.

Next up is the wiring. I've never done anything like this before, so I need to wrap my mind around the entire concept before I start. I'll show more of this project as I get around to tackling different parts.

And in the mail? Well, Jane sent January's button-of-the-month!

These buttons are adorable. Kittens in the snow, the whimsical, cartoonish quality reminds me of Jane. Er, no, wait, I mean it reminds me of the kind of art Jane likes.

Thank you Jane, I love them, don't they make winter look like fun?