Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ubiquitous Garden Shots and Some Knitting

Through the magic of blogging I'm going to make my garden appear lush and successful. 

Why, look at the colour on those hollyhocks!

And all the new growth on the bay laurel!

What sweet blooms on that scented geranium!

Oooo... what's that?   Why it's a new variety of black-purple tomato called Indigo Rose - isn't it something?!


What's the secret to growing such a fab looking garden?   Why, it's nothing more than getting the camera really, really close so you can't tell how few hollyhocks actually sprang from the earth, or how shamefully tiny that bay laurel is after three years of tending.  Pretty clever, yes?

The knitting has been growing equally fitfully.  Off the needles a while back was Telephone (that's a ravelry link), by Kelley Deal.  This is a very straightforward knit, just a long rectangle in reverse stocking stitch, with a few garter stitch rows in the middle where you fold it in half to sew together.  Then finished with a thrifted, old school telephone cord (hence the name!) as a strap.  Not being a big fan of reverse stocking stitch, I opted to fold it in half "inside out", basically making it a plain stocking stitch pouch, with a garter stitch base.

Consequently, the bottom corners of the bag flipped out, reminiscent of Marlo Thomas in "That Girl".  It's definitely got a vintage vibe to it, though I'm not sure if a bouncy, swingy telephone cord is the most flattering accessory for a saggy, baggy middle-ager like myself.  However, it's the perfect sized bag to hold a small knitting project like a pair of socks or gloves, so it may get some use yet, and I'm getting a small thrill from being the first person to record working this project on the ravelry page!

Still on the needles, is Lennon by Martin Storey (that's another ravelry link).  This is a men's v-neck slipover knit in fingering weight yarn in a union jack pattern in intarsia.  Quite a fitting project, what with the Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics - though I won't finish it before the end of the games.

(I'm adding a link to the definition of intarsia, because blogger doesn't even believe it's a real word - it also doesn't like the word "slipover".  Honestly!) 

I'm making this in the smallest size, and though I have every intention of wearing it myself, I'd secretly love for Nigel to tell me his wardrobe is too conservative and that he longs for something bold and kooky to liven up the blandness of the office.  I wonder if he will?

Perhaps I could also make him a belt with this fabulously huge bakelite belt buckle recently purchased through Vintage in the Village

He could work on a whole new look!

***I just need to add that blogger also doesn't like the word "bakelite".  Who are these people?!***