Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fairy Garden

After adding numerous fairy garden pins to my Garden Board over on Pinterest, I finally snapped and went out and bought some miniature plants.

Here's a shot of Gus for scale:

He likes to eat the mulch.  Bad dog!

The door - very Hobbit-y. 

Of course, it just sits there, unattached to any structure, but Elly has pointed out that it leads to Fairyland, which can't be seen by non-believers.  The door is flanked by a Japanese Holly Sky Pencil and a Golden Irish Yew, both of which eventually grow to 8 ft (not in this climate, however).

Tiny stepping stones leading up to the door...

and a teeny, tiny Hinoki Falsecypress peeping over the fence.  Given time this would eventually grow to 1.5 feet.

Isn't it just sickeningly adorable?  Yes, it is!