Saturday, March 29, 2014

And What Did You Do During the Great Polar Vortex?

      The ringmaster and a clown welcome you to the mouse circus in honour of the great thaw of '14!

The platespinner is particularly talented!

another clown! 

 and the very daring bee trainer!

 Well, that's it for the mouse circus.  I confess I went quite bonkers over the winter, it just would not end!  Though, to be fair, it's beginning to feel much more like a normal mid-February now.  Shall we tell mother nature it's almost April?  Perhaps not, she doesn't appear to be in a very good mood this year.  Despite the unbearably colder-than-normal weather we've been having, I suspect it will be sweltering hot in July.  Let's wait and see.

The mice, by the way, were knit from a pattern by Alan Dart.  There are a total of 12 mice in the set, but I grew weary after making 5 - weary was my theme this winter?

Other amusements this winter, were two patterns by Barbara Prime, first I made the Pug with Anorak.  Isn't he adorable?!  I gifted him to Elly and he lives in her living-room.

 Check out his curly pug tail!  Adorable!

I also made Barbara Prime's Siamese Kitty.  Also adorable!

Both the pug and siamese kitty were made with Cascade 220 and Nashua Creative Focus Superwash, both excellent yarns.  There's a nice stitch definition with both of these with next to no halo-ing (when a yarn halos it means it's got a lot of Fuzz to it - which is fine for some projects).

Siamese kitty also has a cute tail.  I used a small flower button to close her dress at the back.  Sweet!

And, since it's been such a long, long time since I last updated, let's all go to the circus!