Monday, February 25, 2008

Stitches and Stones

In honour of Jane's almost big birthday I've decided to send a gift-a-month to her. It's along the same lines as hers to me (the button-of-the-month, remember?). I'm going to do a handmade-of-the-month to her. So, something small and handmade by me, and maybe I'll try to keep to useful objects, not just objets d'arts. This month is a set of handmade stitchmarkers, for her knitting, in sterling, packaged in an origami envelope. The stitchmarkers are very simple to do, just little sterling charms attatched to sterling closed jump rings. I prefer the closed jump rings to the open, as there is one less edge to snag the yarn. I think I ordered the 7mm size, which fit on any knitting needle 6.5mm and smaller (makes sense, no?)

A hearty congratulations to the Manitoba Women's Curling Team. If you were watching you'll know it was a real nail-bitter.

In fact I was on pins and needles while that last rock was being thrown.

My eyes were glued to the set.

but the ending was perfect.


Elly said...

Hairiest. Curling Rock. Ever.

Also, I still say it's creepy when you turn it on it's side and make it into a bird. It's watching me, and I don't appreciate it.

aniexma said...

I agree. It is the hairiest curling rock ever, but the bird face isn't creepy, it's just fixated on the game. Maybe I should have put his eyes closer together!

Jane said...

Thank-you so much for the card and stitch markers. They are beautiful. I love those kind of flowers. I also love the envelope they were in..

Very cool morphing curling rock.

Thea said...

Your curling rock is very interesting. Where do you get these ideas?