Monday, March 3, 2008

February Button-Of-The-Month

Yes, yes, I know it's March, and yes, yes, the February button did arrive in February.

It arrived on Friday, the very last day, and I'm only posting now. Tsk, tsk, as my eleven-year-old would say. However, what I lack in deligence my sister makes up for in good taste.

Beautiful buttons. They are a little more purple than the photo suggests, but I think you can see all the sparkle. They are cut glass. Very lovely. Thank you Jane!

Also in the parcel was this cracker. It's hilarious, made of pewter with a tracker number. The idea is, you take photos of your cracker somewhere interesting or doing something interesting and post them to the artist's website, part of which is called the Cracker Tracker. Too funny.

Now, where to pose this little lovely.


noricum said...

Funny cracker! Pretty buttons. :)

Jane said...

If you think of a use for the buttons and you need more just let me know. I have a cracker too and if you check out the Cracker Tracker website and scroll through the photos you will see my cracker.

Thea said...

I love those buttons, you know I help decide when to send each button. Thea