Wednesday, March 5, 2008

All About Nigel

As it's Nigel's birthday today, I thought it would be fun to show you some early photos of him, like I did for Jane, but I'm not sure where all the best shots have disappeared to. I know there was a fantastic one of him dressed as a cowboy (pre-law school), but they've all vanished mysteriously, hm...curious.

Since I can't show you the great love of my life, I thought I'd share some of the great loves of HIS life.

Here are a few words and phrases that, if you drop into conversation, will make him smile:

single malt scotch (Nigel will probably tell you that should be capitalised),

jazz (his tastes run far wider, but my camera lense doesn't),

controversial author,

Criterion Collection,

director's commentary,

You might also try: vinyl, widescreen or metacritic.

If none of these conversation topics appeal to you, it's always fun to ply him with single malt scotch and get him to say "Withnail and I" five times fast.

He'll giggle like a school girl.

Happy Birthday Nigel!


Jane said...

Happy Birthday Nigel....
ahhhh I must confess it took me a minute or two to figure out what the first two pictures were.....
Happy Happy Birthday Nigel
Love Jane

Thea said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Nigel! What are those first two pictures anyway? Thea

aniexma said...

Oh Thea, you're so young. Those first two photos are of Nigel's new turntable he bought himself after Christmas. It's what people used before cds, it plays record albums which are large and fragile (like Nigel's ego).

Nigel said...

I'll have you know that vinyl is making a comeback and all of the cool kids (including me) have turntables.

Thea said...

Now that you metion it they do resemble my Dad's old record player in the living room from when he was a kid,but from the photo it's still hard to tell.