Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Birthday Part I and Handmade Part I

I've got two first halves of things to show you today.

First of firsts, we had a brief mini birthday for my eldest last Saturday. It was only a mini event because it wasn't her birthday.

Elly will turn 21 (...21?!...) on the 24th, but since she's going to be in Dublin (...Dublin?!...) at that time, we thought we'd give her part of her birthday present early.

She wanted a new camera,

she went to the store and chose one and told me, "quick, go get it, the sale ends tomorrow."

Why Elly, you look surprised and delighted, I guess those years of acting lessons really were worth it.

Second of firsts is my handmade-of-the-month for Jane.

I posted it on Monday so it should be there Wednesday or Thursday. Since it hasn't arrived yet, I won't show the final product. However, this is the beginning:

I didn't use all of this, only bits and pieces. Some beads, some undyed silk ribbon and those fantastic undyed silk cocoons (worm removed, if you don't mind).

and this is the end:


Elly said...

Seriously, Mum? SERIOUSLY?
Thanks for the rather unflattering picture. :P

aniexma said...

I thought it was a pretty good shot. Just wait until your birthday blog, just think of the unflattering photo options! The mind boggles.

Jane said...

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. The package arrived this morning (Wednesday). The candy and chocolate covered sunflower seeds are very good. I wasn't too sure what to expect. And they are also lovely.
I LOVE my beautiful necklace. It reminds me of the snowdrops that were in bloom in Victoria when I was there. I couldn't figure out what the flowers were made out of but thank-you for telling me. Cocoons are cool!
Also Happy Birthday Elly. Your card has not made it into the mail yet so you'll get it when you return from Dublin. (That is so cool!!!! I am so excited for you!! You'll have to start a blog next year to keep us all up-to-date with all the coolest stuff in Dublin!)

Nigel said...

I thought that it was a pretty good photo as well. If you really want to be embarrassed, I'll suggest to Mum that for birthday blog part 2, she post the "American Gothic, Pt. II" photo of you in your green swimsuit with Ian and the garden hose (circa 1999). Either that or a photo of you and Alexandra from your Spice Girls days!