Monday, November 5, 2007

Wendy Boston

This is Wendy Boston. She was a Christmas present for me when I was two (that's going to make her 41 years old this December). I'm not going to tell you she's the most beautiful of the dolls I have, but she's certainly the one I've had the longest and I think she's probably my most beloved. Originally she was wearing a pale pink organza dress. I have a vivid memory of this despite my possessing a poor memory for many other things, and she was gifted to me by my maternal grandmother. She also had shiny black button eyes and a red button nose. Unfortunately, I was a little monster when I was younger and I pulled off her eyes and nose! My mother, being more thoughtful than I, kindly embroidered her some new features

I made her a dress recently (not that that makes up for past sins).

This pattern, this view. She also has matching knickers, but she's a modest old girl and won't show them to you. As the weather has turned now, I knit her a little cardigan too:

A girl's got to keep cosy.

I didn't have a pattern for this, I just made it up as I went along (dolls never complain about the fit). I used some leftover Fiddlesticks Country Silk that I had used to make a clapotis shawl last year.

I've decided I'm going to bring her with me whenever I wear this shawl.


Jane said...

Wendy Boston looks lovely! I don't remember the button eyes and nose I thought she always had embroidered features.

Anonymous said...

I remember Wendy Boston. And I also remember the button eyes and nose. I seem to remember them dangling from threads. Gruesome!