Friday, April 4, 2008

Is It April Already?

Where has the time gone?

Jane sent March's button-of-the-month sometime back, in March in fact, and a lovely button it is. Square and gold, reminds me a bit of an Aztec or Inca pyramid. Very fitting for the vernal equinox. I like the way the texture catches the light.

On the prairie the sun can be very strong and bright. On these early spring days the air may still be cold and the temperature well below freezing, but the sun will shine away, melting the layers of snow cover. A quick glance outside and all you can see are the dismal dregs of winter - old snow, bare trees and pale faces - but if you look a little longer you can see patches of grass here and there and tightly closed buds on the trees.

Soon enough it will all change.

I've been keeping busy working on my dolls' house kit.

I installed the wiring. I was quite intimidated by this, but it only took an hour when I finally got down to it.

I also started installing the windows,

and the roof.

There's still a fair bit left to do, like shingling the roof and sorting out the decor, and, hmm...maybe a garden, maybe a garden that changes with the seasons.


Thea said...

What's that first thing with the dragonfly? I LOVE that dollhouse! How much more do you have left to finish? The lights will be so cool when you're done.

Nigel said...

I can't wait for the doll's house to be finished. It will make a great home for my Star Wars action figures!

Jane said...

The dollhouse is looking great! Please keep posting pictures of your progress. I am looking forward to seeing Nigel's action figures after they move in.

umm the dragonfly thing was a card that went with the button of the month. it doesn't have any relationship to the button. I was just dreaming of spring when it was time to mail the button.


Elly said...

I'd like to point out that I blame you entirely for any of these crazies that I may have inherited.
I'll be helping Nigel arrange the Star Wars figures. R2-D2 and C-3P0 can work in the garden. Droids love to garden.
See? Look what you've done to me! I'm almost as nuts as you!

aniexma said...

I'm honoured to be the source of your crazies! I know from the genealogy search that there's a whole lot of it all over the tree.

I'm thinking C-3P0 can be knitting a little tea cosy and R2 can be doing the dishes - I'll make him a wee apron.

Thea said...

I can't wait to see R2-D2 in his apron doing dishes,and C-3P0 working in the garden!I'm sure he'll do a great job!