Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Snakes On A Plain

Warning Warning - there will be no Samuel L. Jackson in this post.

This last week-end we headed out to Narcisse to have a gander at the snake dens . With a name like Narcisse, you'd think there might be fields and fields of daffodils, but there's not.

It's mostly just an awful lot of prairie with an awful lot of snakes. Red-sided garter snakes to be precise. Narcisse has the largest concentration of these little snakes in the entire world, and it's quite a sight to see them all come out of hibernation at once.

They're very gentle wee creatures, though quite fast this time of year - I would assume they're hungry after hibernating - though still not impossible to catch. See, Nigel caught one to pose for a photo. This one is a male. Males are smaller and skinnier. The females are much bigger and should be pregnant this time of year - you're not suppose to pick up the females.

Here's a snap of a female being chased by a male. If you click on the photo, you'll see more detail.

There were also a few caterpillars.

In the garden the tulips are finally (finally) ready to open.

I remembered planting red, orange, purple and pink, but I'd forgotten about the yellow. It opened yesterday, and look at the lovely navy blue burst in the centre.

There's also chives (if you look closely you'll see a perfect hole in the soil - the squirrels ate all my tulips from the front planters. All of them! ),


and peonies (soon).


Thea said...

To bad the squirals ate all the tulip bulbs, they would have looked great!

Jane said...

I was hoping to see a panorama of the yard all in bloom.

Snakes - lovely. Thanks for the photos of them, very interesting, but I wouldn't want to be there.

Ian said...

Interesting about the snakes. Don't know if I would be able to pick one up though.

The garden is really looking nice. It's amazing how quickly things can start growing when the weather gets warm. When I was there a few weeks ago the snow was barely gone.