Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Poor Tamless Bunny

This little bunny was staring in the Dining-room window the other day, no doubt wishing he were out of the freezing cold and in somewhere cosy.

I've been working on a tam with the hand-dyed yarn Elly gave me for Christmas.

The pattern is called Spin Me Right Round (Hey - I have that song on my IPod!), and it's available free on Ravelry, but you have to be a member to see it - though I'll let you know it's a simple yarn over knit two together repeat. Elly was making the same pattern for herself while she was in town, and I decided I wasn't too old for a slouchy cool tam.

Close up it looks like a million birds taking flight. I'm hoping that Elly (who is now home in Dublin - and yes, the airline DID find her luggage)) finds that an uplifting and inspiring notion. I'll say no more (for now).

I think I should knit tiny little tams for all the neighbourhood bunnies with the leftovers from this yarn, a la Benjamin Bunny. Perhaps, Elly, you could do the same for all those little tamless Irish bunnies.

For all of you who missed the 1980's, let's have a listen to Dead or Alive (Hey, my tam would, like, totally co-ordinate with his outfit!).

And yes children, that really is what men looked like in the '80's


martiangirl said...

Scary! That guy with the eye patch loooked like he was wearing masquera. Nice tam though, the poor bunny, I wonder why it isn't in a den or whatever it is keeping warm? Good thing the airline people found Elly's luggage.

emerald_away said...

Irish bunnies are born with tams.

I also have that song on my iPod...or should I not be admitting that to people?