Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hooray for Concrete and Yarn

Can you believe it's nearly July and the peonies still haven't bloomed. That spring was truly dismal, cold and dark. Soon though....soon...

The reno continues. Our concrete boys were here earlier than I thought (fantastic!), though due to the aforementioned spring weather, they're madly running between a whole lot of jobs (poor things).

There were lots of chalk lines run between wooden stakes.

Then a great big auger came out and drove the piles that the new foundation will sit on. This photo was taken from the second story window.

That's a pile (of concrete)...

The boys left their Bobcat on the back lawn through the week-end. That's Ian having a go behind the controls - thankfully they didn't leave the keys in the ignition.

They're outside today building the plywood mould for the foundation walls. Tomorrow should see the final bit of concrete poured, and then we'll REALLY be off and running - framing, roofing, windows, doors, and then all the inside bits (the fun part).

I've been distracting myself with online shopping. Don't worry Nigel, I only buy bargains.

Little Knits out of Seattle was having a sale on two yarns I couldn't resist.

Rowan Baby Alpaca DK in soft petal pink. Normally this yarn would sell for about $100 for 10 skeins, but it was on for $25 for 10. Imagine! I bought 20 skeins. A cardigan or pullover should take about 13 or so. I'm very happy.

Also on for the same sale price (same regular price too) was Rowan Scottish Tweed DK. I bought the 14 skeins of the lavender colour. Oooo, very, very happy.

Hooray for happiness!

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