Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Make Room for Baby

This is the newest addition to our busy household. His name is Baby.

Last winter my friend (Bruce)'s mother (Dolly) passed away and left behind her little white finch who has now found a new home with us. He's very sweet and chirps and flutters most of the day.

***I should mention that he will, in fact, move along with Elly to her new digs if the rental shortage ever lets up - (hee hee, get it, "let's" up, ha ha). Ack, it's late and I should go to bed...***

Gus LOVES Baby and spends most of the day doing this:

He very quietly whimpers too....very sad. He longs to give Baby just one really big kiss - no doubt with his teeth. Don't worry, he's too short to reach the cage, and not nearly bright enough to open it.

While helping Bruce to sort through the estate, we came across this fabulous socialist cookbook:

I haven't tried any of the recipes...

but I love that left wing sense of humour...

this is no frills...

OK, maybe just a bit...

partisan cooking.

Yes! Crush the noodles of oppression!

I'm going to have to try some of these before I return the book.

Off the needles!

The pink and green Noro Striped Scarf:

I found this easy-peasy single rib so therapeutic that I started another one in shades of blue:

I'm finding I desparately need the repetitive motion of knitting something simple while the reno goes along.

This is where my new kitchen sink will someday be:

The furnace ducts went in today (this a pre-installation shot):

And lots and lots of electrical work has been done. Days and days in fact.

I've opted not to photograph every outlet and socket, but here is a shot of the empty wire spools that litter our back garden:

That's a lot of wiring.

Also, a note. August 24th was my second blogiversary and I missed it completely.

Oops! I'm going to blame the reno.

Here's a video to enjoy. It's my favourtie song at the mo', and plays endlessly in my head, and though it has nothing to do with renos, wires, socialist cooking, blogiversaries or birds named Baby, it does mention a scarf...


noricum said...

Baby is sweet!

If another apartment opens up in my building, I'll let you know. (I'm hoping to replace the nuts with sane people.)

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Baby looks lovely:) I like the knitting you've finished and it is good to see the reno is progressing. BTW did I thank you for the fabulous gift? I thought I had but wasn't sure with changing over to win7. If I didn't thank you so much:) We had just run out;)

Nigel said...

Happy second blogiversary! Thanks for the Fleet Foxes video. I hadn't seen that one. Will you knit me a red scarf that I can wear during winter?

Jane said...

1. Gus and Baby - very sweet. Poor Gus - thwarted in his attempts to show his love.
2. love the scarves - how long did you make them? I still haven't finished the one I started two years ago - I started on the third and fourth balls of yarn but the third ball had some pinks and purples in it and I decided I didn't really like that and I just stopped - probably I should rip it back and get another ball the same as ball 1. Dye lot doesn't matter in this situation.
I did buy more yarn so I could make another one but I've been making hats.
3) old cook books - I have the Knox United Church 80th anniversary cook book from Rainy River - Granny may have given it to me. And last year a friend was clearing out old books of her mother's and I got 'Recipes by Lehava' pioneer Women Winnipeg Canada - it's the 4th edition printed in 1975. (I just love that I discovered a Winnipeg book here in Toronto).