Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Few Finds

Completed slippers. Hurrah!

Before anyone lies and says, "beautiful...", we need to concede that they are, of course, hideous. However, they're felted slippers and aren't suppose to be good looking, merely practical, which they are. Super-cosy in fact.

Also in the "hurrah" department - the computer seems to be working fine at the moment - hence, the snapshots. I'm going to take advantage of this and share all the little happenings around here.

Last Sunday (the 18th) was the annual Doll Show and Sale here in Winnipeg. I'm not a true collector, but I've always had a few dolls in my possession; some I've had since childhood, some I've sewn through the years and some, on occasion, I've purchased. I'd never been to the doll show before, but was curious what others were collecting and selling.

I was tempted by a 1959 Lloyd's doll carriage (cream coloured metal, spring suspension), and though I thought to myself how fantastic it would be for displaying dolls, I just couldn't quite decide if it was "the one" (does anyone else understand?) and so walked away from it, all the while wondering if I was going to have regrets. I was also very tempted by one little bisque head baby doll from pre-1930's Germany, but wasn't quite sure if I was REALLY, REALLY willing to part with ALL that money for THAT particular doll. It was ALMOST exactly the sort of doll I'd like to own, but sadly, I'm just not that good at large-ticket impulse buys. I'm so, so much better at small-ticket impulse buys.

I found a vendor with buttons,

lovely, shiny buttons.

And another vendor with patterns,

I bought one reproduction pattern (uncut) and one original (cut). Well though, to be honest, I didn't buy that Winnie-the-Pooh pattern. I got to talking to the vendor and told her that my Mum had made Eeyore for my brother back in the sixties from that same pattern and it had been his favourite toy from childhood. She was so touched she gave me the pattern for free and told me to think of her when I sewed an Eeyore for my brother. Wasn't that sweet?

It was while I was driving home that I realised Eeyore was so very, very important to Ian that he'd kept it all these years (probably not requiring another one).

However, if I ever need to make an Eeyore, I'm ready.

A couple of days after the doll show I found this at a local shop,

I can't even speak.

I'm so glad I didn't buy the metal one from the fifties. This one was the same price.

There are no regrets, not one.

And the very same day, while trolling the local thrift stores, I made one of those rare "Finds of a Lifetime" - a stunning crocheted afghan.

The significance of something like this will be lost on some people (Nigel, I'm looking at you), but it is, I assure you, truly magnificent. It's made from scraps of fine sock-weight yarn in an enormous palette of colours. The time that would have gone into making this isn't lost on me and I feel fortunate to be the current "keeper" of this piece of 20th century folk art. Does anyone else see the colours of the Book of Kells?


Now, off to reno-land,

I did not order an orange floor, this is just the layer beneath the tile.


tiles with grout (that means this section of the floor is done).

And just in time for the cabinet delivery.

And this is what the cabinets will look like. Kind of, sort of antique white.

Cabinet installation is set for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Soon it will look like a real kitchen - it just won't have running water, appliances or lights.



Jane said...

The slippers do look cozy! The crocheted afghan photographed beautifully. I never like individual granny squares but the whole is definitely much, much more than the sum of it's parts for this afghan. (I really admire the workmanship - getting those squares so sqaure and the same size too). Nigel, you have to take a few steps back to see what a treasure this is.

Eeyore - and his tail buttons on. I remember living on St. Mary's Road and I remember something about a craft sale.

I'm looking forward to more photos of the kitchen.

ian said...

The renos are really coming along. I bet it will be stunning when complete. I'm afraid the significance of the afghan is a bit lost on me so you'll have to lump me into the same ignorant crowd as Nigel on that one, but I will take your word that it is a find.

Jane is right about Eyeore. Mom didn't make him. I spotted him at a craft fair at the school auditorium when I was in grade 1. I told Mom and Dad about him and they bought him for me. Apart from photos, I think he is the only thing I own from childhood. I wonder if that pattern you have is the same one my Eyeore is made from???

Jane said...

Ian, The pattern looks to be the correct one - in my memory that is exactly how your Eeyore looks (although yours is much more beautiful than the drawing). He is a real treasure!

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

What a pair of lucky finds I am so pleased for you:)

noricum said...

I love those slippers! The colours are beautiful!

The Winnie-the-Pooh patterns are *awesome*! What a fantastic carriage too!