Monday, December 21, 2009

Madly Off Decorating

We've been madly decorating in all directions these last few days...

having survived the first nasty cold spell of the season...

and we're preparing for all the festivities of the week...

hoping the next year is sweet...

and we're all a little wiser.

My Mum made Elly part of the Dickensian Mice set by Alan Dart in honour of her first Christmas in her new place. She made six of the ten pieces (heck of a lot of work), and they turned out perfect.

Aren't they gorgeous?

On my needles, at the moment, is a quick knit for Ian's Christmas. Since I doubt he's reading my blog, I'll tell you it's this pattern from the new issue of Knitty.

I'm also partial to this and this from the same issue (but for me, not Ian), perhaps in the new year...

though I DO have an awful lot of half finished projects which I want to finish first.

I think I may have to plot a course for my knitting this year.

Also, the back splash was installed a couple of weeks ago. Our contractor put up a terrible struggle with me over my choice of tile. I believe he said at one point, "you don't want to ruin the kitchen now, when it looks so good." Can you imagine! It's a good thing I like him and have known him a very long time, otherwise I might have been insulted.

In the end, I got my way.

One by two inch pale green glass tiles installed in a brick-lay pattern.

He admits now it looks fantastic. Hoorah!

In a nod to the Christmas Ghost Story tradition, here's a walking ghoul singing a Christmas song...Enjoy!


Jane said...

The house looks lovely! I love the tile - how about a picture from further back so I can see the whole effect?
Gus is looking great! Love the picture of him and the toy.

hey my verification word is laxing (I guess that's short for relaxing) -

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

looking wonderful:)

ian said...

Looks amazing! I love that little house ornament on the tree with snow on it's roof. Soooooooo cute!!

I also love the backsplash. Classic.

My verification word is plizersp... Hmmm... I wonder what that's short for????