Thursday, July 1, 2010

Exterior Shot

The new stucco and painting are all done now. I think the place looks fabulous - though the back garden looks a state, and, between the stucco-ers and the painters, all the plants all the way around the house are thoroughly trampled. The stucco colour is called "Sagebrush" and it's a yellow-green colour. Nigel keeps eyeing it and asking if I'm "sure" it's really green, which I am. At the moment the house colour is competing with the grass and trees, making it look more like tan, but once the snow is on the ground it's going to look very obviously green. I'm absolutely certain that this is a perfect colour, it's going to be a colour that changes with the light and season. The trim colour is by Benjamin Moore, called "Ivory White", another ideal shade. Prairie light is very strong and yellow, so plain white paint can look both stark and dirty if it's tinted with blues or grays, a good prairie white always has yellow, green or red as a tint.

So there.

We had the dormers painted a medium gray to blend in with the roof - another good call, I think.

Later this summer we'll be having a deck built in the back, and a small bit of landscaping done, and then next year will be the year for some exterior "finishing touches" - seeing which perennials have survived and maybe planting a tree or some shrubs in the front.

My wee lemon tree is doing well (despite the terrible weather).

We still have three lemons, the largest is here. I wonder how long they take to ripen? Perhaps more sunshine and less rain would do them some good. We've had lots more blossoms, but I haven't seen any new fruit, probably too much rain and wind. still, I'm very pleased with it's progress!

I've also made loads of progress on my vintage cardigan; finished the back and one and a half fronts. I'm loving the greeny-olive "sludge" colour, but it just doesn't photograph well, so I haven't been taking pictures. I might alter the pattern and add some colour at the yoke, we'll see...

Here's a video to make up for my lack of blogging lately...

The music piped onto that old clip is by Daft Punk, check out the link to their video, they don't allow their videos to be embedded into blogs.

Wow! I sent this off to publish and forgot to tell everyone Happy Canada Day, and also to wish my youngest a Happy 14th Birthday.

Happy Canada/Birthday Day!!!!!


Jane said...

The house is looking good. Looks like tan to me so I will be watching for the winter pics to see it looking green.

Love the dancing - looks like some pre-moon walking to me.

ian said...

Love the house! Great choice in colours. I like how the dormers are a different colour, very cool. It looks tan to me as well, so I will be interested to see it in winter.

Where do you find these interesting videos? The syncing of the music with the dancing is remarkable.

martiangirl said...

I have to report that we don't share the same taste in music, very cool though.
Love the house, but I think it does look tan.

verefication word- sness

emerald_away said...

See? See? It's tan. Also I didn't know that the dormers were intentionally left grey. Last time we were over I was pointing out to Steve that the stucco-ers never finished the colour because they forgot to do the dormers.

And way to forget wee Ian. Though he may have wanted it that way.