Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Flaming Lips

We (as in the lot of us) went out to see The Flaming Lips perform last night. It was truly most excellent.

Someone has already posted a video of the event - video recorders aren't allowed at the venue, so someone must have had a half-decent, small device with them.

Check it out:

There was lots and lots of confetti, balloons, and streamers everywhere. Wayne Coyne also walked across the crowd in his giant space ball/hamster bubble. Very cool. And no, I didn't shoot the video, because I was right down in front about four people in from the stage.

Oo, very loud...

Here's an official video of them:

Thank you, Flaming Lips, for a fabulous show, and thank you, Nigel, for buying all those tickets for us!

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Nigel said...

Glad that you enjoyed it -- although, your blog posting was a bit light on detail. (No mention of the grizzly bear attack, the most powerful strobe lighting known to man, the blown fuse or the Yo Gabba Gabba dancers?) You should have linked to the video of how the band made its entrance (or at least included a description). One of these days, I'll have to start my own blog.

I forgot to ask, did you make the animal noises for the "I Can Be A Frog" song?