Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nouveau Famous

Recently off the needles: one pair of Nouveau Gloves.

I started these way back in March (see this post) when I was desperate for some colour in the middle of winter. The yarn was purchased at Wolseley Wool, on a sunny day during a mostly overcast winter. The colour of the yarn sang to me from a shop shelf and it had to be bought, which it was, post haste. Once home, I checked Ravelry to see what others had made with the same yarn, Yellow Label DK Weight by Tanis Fibre Arts.

It was there that I spotted the pattern called Nouveau, a pair of cabled gloves by Glenna C., and I was off and running. I finished the first glove quickly, then let them languish as I worked on other projects,then picked up the project again in September, then finished them by the first of October. I received oodles of compliments on the project while working on it, and oodles since finishing. The colour of teal is truly spectacular, I'm not sure the snaps honestly capture the depth of tones in the yarn. Beautiful!

So why wait to post about them until today? Because today the Tanis Fibre Arts blog is featuring my pair of gloves in their feature on the Nouveau glove pattern.

My favourite part (apart from having a spectacular pair of teal cabled gloves) is being referred to as a "top tier knitter". Hee hee!


Jane said...


mona @ wolseley wool said...

They are absolutely beautiful. Thanks also for the link!!

martiangirl said...

Lovely, I like that colour! Haha, March is the middle winter for you! Hey, my verification word is backed! An actual word!

noricum said...

How cool! :)