Saturday, March 3, 2012

Top Hat

 Don't worry, I'm not going to link in any videos of Fred and Ginger. 

Completed this morning, is the top hat I started before Christmas.  The knitting only took one or two evenings, and the felting was done super-quick in the washing machine, but then it languished on my desk for ages.  This winter was far milder than usual, so there was no need for a big wooly hat, but last week I finally decided to block it.  I didn't have any fancy vintage hat blocks, so I had to make do.

First, an old piece of 1960's Pyrex,

topped with a salad plate,

and, seeing as I made my hat extra deep,  that all had to perch on top of a candle.

Then, I sprayed and sprayed with Speed Starch and heated the top with an iron on low to get it good and flat, left it to dry for two days, stitched on a deep crimson velvet ribbon, a splash of tartan ribbon and a gigantic shell button.  Now, when next winter comes around and starts nipping at my ears, I'll be ready!

A lucky, new find to share:

not a hat block, but a vintage hatstand.  Swish!


Jane said...

so this top hat is for you? not for Nigel?

noricum said...

Fantastic hat!