Sunday, June 2, 2013

C'mon Andy!

A friend showed me her copy of this knitting book a few weeks back, and I bought it immediately.  Look to the right of the cover, it's Andy Murray!

Apparently he wasn't able to be at the Italian Open or the French Open due to a back injury, so I though I'd knit him a wee replica.  I'm hoping as I work all his bits and pieces that he'll heal up nicely in the process  - like a reverse Voodoo doll.

When I took these photos he was still naked and senseless, but I've since embroidered his face.

I've also knit his shorts and t-shirt, but they need sewing up and embroidering, too.  I've still got to make the tennis racquet, which looks a tad tricky.

My plan is to have him all ready for Wimbledon.  C'mon Andy!

1 comment:

Nigel said...

Don't give him a smile or it won't look realistic. (You're on the right track not including a willy.)