Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Highchair

Here's the fabulous vintage highchair I bought for "Granny's House" (I'm putting that in quotation marks because I haven't decided if I want to be called Granny).

I bought the chair from Frank over at Avenue Antiques.  The wee bunny on the back of the chair is still mostly intact, which is impressive, but what's more impressive than that?

Well, the chair folds down into a play table!  Fabulous! 

The oval beads on the side of the play table were originally pink and blue and, most likely, painted with lead paint.  So, I carefully sanded them down and primed them and re-painted them with a bright red.  Pretty swish, yes?

Here's a shot of the tray turned round to the back...(this shot is a giveaway as to when I finished this project - there's still snow on the ground, which has been gone for weeks)...

and look at this adorable little adjustable foot rest..., no... just look at it!  It's fantastic!

Since these chairs don't have any safety straps - it was made in a simpler time when children weren't the crazed daredevils they are now - I made a seat cushion to tie the baby down.

It's got elastic around the waist...

...and ties to the arms of the chair with big fat grosgrain ribbons in teal.  Please also notice the vintage turquoise buttons I used to secure the quilt batt padding.

This doll is quite a bit smaller than a highchair-sized baby, but you get the idea.

And, with the tray down. 

Nigel finds this doll a bit creepy, so I made sure to place the highchair just behind where his chair is at the kitchen table.

She's watching you, Sweetie!

Also finished recently...

...a bib!  I purchased one of those pre-made bibs that you embroider, but I didn't care for the pattern it came with (dancing elephants),

so I bought a pattern off etsy that I knew would appeal to Elly, and used that instead.

The pattern wasn't quite big enough for the bib so I added the hearts on either side and the "om nom nom" across the bottom.  Very Elly!


Nigel said...

As anybody who has seen the Child's Play movies can attest to, dolls are frequently the subject of demonic possession. It's best not to turn your back on them.

Jane said...

I agree with Nigel. You have to watch out for that doll. She definitely has the look of demonic possession.

love the bib!