Thursday, December 6, 2007

Snugness and Smugness

Remember my last post, the one where I complained that so many of my projects have multiple starts and stops. Well, I've proved myself wrong once more.

I have a friend living on Vancouver Island, a place cold and damp through the winter, and for Christmas I thought she'd like a lovely, cosy felted-wool cover for her hot water bottle. Time is ticking away, and rather than knitting and felting one, I thought I'd maybe find a thrift-store wool turtleneck and start there.

The first thrift-store I went to I found this:

Beautiful pale grey and thick, but wait it's not just wool:

That's right, 100% cashmere. And thick and heavy too:

Wow! That's quite the find.

Yes, I know.

So I threw it in the washing machine. On hot. Twice.

Now it's the right size:

For all you non-knitters out there, once a woolen garment has been felted, the fibres fuse together and it can be cut and sewn just like fabric:

I shaped the bottom a bit, leaving enough to fold over at the back:

Then, with some matching thread:

whip stitched the edges closed:

I added some decorative blanket stitch in black silk yarn around the edges, using an embroidery reference book (because I'm hopeless at embroidery):

And I added a mother-of-pearl button to close it at the back:

And a little bit of needle felting for the front:

So it's all hers:

This entire process took a morning, and I'm feeling pretty pleased.


hazeljoy said...

wow! i love it. i could do with one now :-)

noricum said...

What a great find! What are you going to do with the leftovers?

aniexma said...

I haven't decided on leftovers. The sleeves look like trunk warmers for two very small elephants, but I don't know any elephants.

Felicia said...

Now that's decadence!

Jane said...

Gorgeous! You are so talented!!!!!

shillelagh said...

As usual Anne, I'm gobsmacked. You did a great job... May I borrow your idea to cover my bottle?

aniexma said...

Absolutely Sheila, you can borrow the idea! I don't think it was really mine to begin with though, I've seen patterns for felted hot water bottle covers, I just didn't have time to knit one before felting it (too many other projects on the go!). said...

ouch cutting in kashmere ! it hurs ;) !!
but came out beautifully at the end ! :)
made a lot of these covers recently, too !