Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Belated Christmas

Well, I had plans to post yesterday, but the day got away from me.

Here are a few snaps of the festivities:

the tree, Christmas morning, adorned and perfect,

and the stockings hanging at the chimney,

I made the stockings last year from a vintage wool blanket found at the thrift store, felted, sewn and trimmed with giant plastic and pom pom bobble fringe and needle felted monograms. I'm still not sure if I really like them, but the contrast of countrified felted wool and glam plastic makes me chuckle.

Our Christmas mornings start out very dignified, we file into the Living-room at a reasonable hour, about 8:30 in the morning, have a quick photo session of the kids under the tree (by the stockings this year) and then open our stockings. Then we break for breakfast (this year we had lox and bagels), then the gift opening begins.

Half an hour later it looks like this,

I always get a gift from a certain red fellow,

the number of gifts we give each other is completely overwhelming, so I'm going to spare you the excess. I'll just say that we all got books, Cd's and DVDs. The girls got craft supplies and tools and the boys got jammies, the kids each got gift cards and cash from the family. Nigel found some booze, and Ian got a telescope, which came with bonus binoculars with which he promptly used to spy upon the neighbours.

The dogs each received new collars with tags. Gus was very excited,

Here's Whimsy wearing two Starbucks mittens,

After all that the day spirals into debauchery. I spent the day chatting with family (we're scattered over Canada, this means criss-crossing a number of time zones) and nibbling on Christmas chocolate, missed lunch, and ended up with a pounding headache by mid-afternoon.

The day is saved, though, as my mother-in-law and sister-in-law make the Christmas dinner. Hurrah!!!

I hope Christmas found you surrounded with family (in person and/or over the phone) and only as much debauchery and excess as you could manage.

Happy Belated Christmas!

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Jane said...

Whew, glad it's over. The wrapping paper looks great - even in a mess on the floor. I like the red skirt under your tree. I have a cream coloured one. Well, two...I didn't realize I bought one last year and then I bought one this year. There was a pale green one I really liked but it was twice as much. Oh well.
Your December Button of the Month is on it's way. I've expressed it so it may make it there on Monday - the last day of December. Next month I vow to get your button sent off in the middle of the month.