Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy Belated Second Christmas

The Amazon order I placed for Nigel finally arrived! Hooray! Ordered at the beginning of December, I've never seen Amazon take so long. No wait, that's not true. Last year Nigel placed an order for my gifts which arrived in late February. Ah well, I suppose they're improving.

I used some last remnants of lime green wrap and taped them together to look like a tree. I feel well and truly finished with Christmas now.

My sister also sent out the Button-of-the-Month for December. She sent it out on the 27Th of December, posting it Express (that's two days and a small fortune), as she didn't want it to arrive after the 31st. It arrived on January 2ND and was very lovely none-the-less.

It's a beautiful, festive, sparkling button in honour of the holiday season. She also made me six very lovely quilted napkin rings,

Jane always surprises me. She doesn't sew very much, but the projects she chooses are always a little ambitious (did you know this Jane?). Machine quilting is challenging enough without doing it on such a small scale, and they're really well done. Thank you Jane!

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