Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Ian

Today is Ian's birthday, not my son little Ian, but my brother, less little Ian.

Ian is the middle child between Jane (the eldest) and me (the least eldest).

Ian was gifted with a great intellect and he's finished a number of University degrees over the years. He has an impressive ability to understand and appreciate (what I consider to be) the most impossible kinds of art, like Bruckner's music, Blake's poetry and Pollock's painting.

He's also a minimalist which takes a tremendous will - to resist modern culture and it's trappings. Ian lives a spartan (sort of) life - free of knick-knacks, collections and unnecessary possessions. The only excesses are a vast number of friends and maybe a bit of good wine.

And even though he's always refined and dignified,

somehow things often turn into a laugh-riot when he's around.

I think that's a pretty nifty trick.

Happy Birthday Ian!


Nigel said...

Belated happy birthday Ian! We're looking forward to seeing you later in the week. We're stocking up on wine!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday, Ian!!!

ian said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Annie's, and all the nice things you said!!... But, hey, who doesn't like and appreciate Bruckner's music!

Sorry it's taken me so long to see the blog. I was out of internet contact while we were in Montreal but now I'm at Jane's.

Looking forward to seeing you all later this week. Looking forward to that wine... Yum yum!

MartianGirl said...

Weird?! But Happy Super Belated Birthday!