Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Been Ages

I don't have any good excuses for not posting, so I won't bother trying to think up anything amusing.

My brother Ian came for a second visit - that's twice in two months (thrice in five years). He brought along his friend Brad this time. We had lots of good laughs, though they were exhausted from travels through Montreal and Toronto. Gus and Whimsy just loved Brad. The poor little pups miss them both terribly now they've gone home.

Jane sent the button-of-the-month for June, and just look at the little darlings:

six tiny mother-of-pearl leaves, in honour of the leaves having finally arrived on the trees of Manitoba. In fact, there are now so many leaves and the weather has become so hot that it's hard to believe we ever had a winter. I'll be singing a very different tune come November, or maybe the same tune with different words.

I've been working on a little handmade-of-the-month for Jane. It's not in the post yet so I'll just give a couple of hints.

Hmmm, I wonder what it could be...

In local news, Mrs. Twitchett's Eye closed down at the end of May. This was quite sad, they had lovely embroidery threads and kits and such. On the up side though, it's been replaced with Kathryn's Stitching Studio and it looks as though they're not only at the same address but they've got lots of the same sort of stock. They've changed the layout of the shop a bit and I think there's a new colour on the wall - a very nice green behind the sales counter, and there's a wall of silk threads I could stare at all day.

They're stocking more than just thread and patterns too - loads of tools like needles and threaders and scissors. I love scissors and they have some dangerously beautiful ones. I went to check out the opening day sale and well, I couldn't resist (sorry about the sideways snap - it's blogger's doing).

I bought "Off The Deep End" - a pattern by Raise the Roof Designs. I love their designs, a little bit goofy and great use of colour. You can check out more of their designs here. I also bought some of the threads to work the design and a(nother) new pair of scissors. Ginghers (not my only pair, for shame) in the cheetah print handle. Ooh, la la. Before Nigel asks "another project?" or "more scissors?" or even "how much do Gingher scissors cost?", we should all remind him that there are far worse addictions to suffer from.

Speaking of which, I'm giving up the coke.

I've decided to start substituting coffee.

It's absolutely wretched stuff. It helps a bit to drink it out of a lovely piece of vintage china. Perhaps my next obsession will be just that. Just think of the potential to spend.....

I suppose before I start running around to all those antique shops I'll have to do some training.


Jane said...

ooohhh the scissors are adorable.. And I love the mermaid picture (sigh).
Well I have a few projects waiting to be worked on.
I'm not much of a coffee fan - tea is the thing - with milk and a little sugar. (does add a few calories ).

ian said...

Thanks again for hosting Brad and me. We had a fun time with everyone and it was great to tour Brad around Winnipeg. I think Brad misses the puppies...

Coffee is a great drink... in moderation. I have one cup a day. More than that gives me the jitters.

Collecting vintage china is tons of fun, but beware it takes up more room than a button collection and weighs a lot more too!

MartianGirl said...

Why haven't you blogged lately?