Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lotus Blossom Complete!

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

How shall I rate this project?

On the up-side:

the yarn - felt lovely - very silky and smooth,

the pattern - was just interesting enough to compel me to knit, but not so impossible to frustrate,

Ravelympics - was a good introduction into the Ravelry community.

On the down-side:

the yarn - was FULL of knots, there was at least 20 in that second skein.

the pattern - went up in large increments size-wise. Hence, it's a smidge on the small side. I'll try to drop a size before next summer.

Ravelympics - well, let's just say I've been reminded why I hate knitting to a deadline. Too stressful. I won't be doing that again.

All in all, I'm delighted it's all over.

I don't feel like knitting at all for a little while and that's just as well, Nigel and Ian have gone to Alaska for a week and I plan to clean the house top to bottom while they're away. Elly and I also have to get her ready for her big move. On September 1st she leaves for three years in Dublin! Now that's some serious packing.



Jane said...

Congratulations! The Lotus Blossum top is lovely.
And you finished before the deadline!

Susan said...

Hi there,
I am one of the new knitters from the Chapters knitting group.My name is Susan and I always go there with my friend Karen. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog!!
By the way, nice job on the Lotus. Bye for now,Susan
Ps I was just wondering if your lack of interest in knitting means that you won't be coming to the Knit Out at the forks

aniexma said...

My lack of knitting won't keep from the Knit Out, but my loathing of the great outdoors might.

shillelagh said...

Anne, the Lotus Blossom is gorgeous, as I knew it would be.

I missed you today at the Knit Out, but respect your lack of enthusiasm for outdoor knitting. The wasps were totally annoying.


MartianGirl said...

I can't believe you hate the outdoors! If it were around 22 degree-ish I could spend almost the whole day outside.
that shirt is lovely but it does look a bit short.