Friday, August 15, 2008

martiangirl has landed

My niece Thea arrived yesterday, and she brought gifts from afar.

She brought the August button-of-the-month (the dragonfly button that just arrived was July's - I'd lost track)and it's a very lovely golden sunflower.

It's a perfect button for the month of August, a salute to the happy sunshiney faces of late summer. Thank you Jane!

Jane also sent this fantastic book:

A lovely book with loads of interesting and amusing patterns to stitch for our little creatures. I'm already planning a couple of Christmas gifts - Gus really needs a new sweater, and maybe a hat for Whimsy. Can't wait!

The ravlympics continue, though I've slowed down considerably.

I escorted Thea and Ian to the pool today and knitted poolside while they enjoyed a swim.

I'm more than half finished that second sock, which I'm sure will be all done by the end of the week-end, and then it's back to the Lotus Blossom and the race to the finish!

In the meantime I'll be enjoying a fairly leisurely couple of days with the family.


ambermoggie said...

love the button and the sock is gorgeous:)

Jane said...

The socks really look great - I love the colour of the yarn.
Looks like the kids had fun in the pool. Is that blur going off the diving board Thea?

martiangirl said...

Yes, that blur is me thank you very much! I had a great time swimming at the PanAM pool And Anne your socks are lovely.