Friday, November 7, 2008

Ain't It Pretty?

The weather yesterday was abysmal. Driving winds, sleet, icy pellets that tore through flesh, and icy streets and sidewalks that made any venturing out treacherous.

But today, the winds is less fierce and the snow is sticking to the trees and roofs, leaving us with a picture postcard perfect looking world. Sadly, it's just looks - driving and walking are still tricky. I'm only going to venture out to the grocery store with a friend, and perhaps, a quick lunch out at a new Thai restaurant that I've heard is good.

On the needles, I'm knitting a new winter hat for Ian. I'm using Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn. There's been an awful lot of hype about the new Noro sock yarns out in the yarn world. Even though I'm almost never pleased with Noro yarns (breakage, knots, uneven textures, feels like steel wool) I was influenced by all the talk.

I haven't come across any knots or breakage and the texture is fairly even, though it does feel quite rough. The colours are fantastic - Noro's saving attribute. The design is by Saartje Knits and is available free on her website. The original pattern is made using the original Noro Silk Garden yarn. Since the sock yarn is quite a bit finer I've cast on 145 stitches instead of the recommended 95 and I'll just keep going until it looks like I should be decreasing.

Ain't it pretty?

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Jane said...

Snow is always so magical at the beginning of the season. I just wish the season would start two weeks before Christmas and finish at the end of February. That is a plenty long enough winter for me.
Which reminds me, I think I have to get some winter boots for the kids......blah