Friday, November 21, 2008

A Disappointing Hat and Garland

I finished the Noro hat for Ian. I love the way the colours block into those stripes. Unfortunately, Ian finds it a bit itchy. I've soaked it twice in Eucalan and it's much softer than it was initially, but the boy still eyes it suspiciously when I ask him to wear it. He's sticking to the store bought hat I bought for him to wear while I worked on the "nice" one, even when earlier this week he left the bought one on the school bus - he preferred to go hatless (it was fairly cold) instead of wearing the Noro.


I've been thinking much about festooning the house for Christmas. I want it to be cheerful and bright for when Elly comes home at the end of December. This year I thought it might be nice to go with a colour theme of red and white - that's usually pretty cheerful, right?

I thought, at first, that heaps and heaps of paper garland might be the way to go, so I bought a big roll of red and white striped paper and went to work, cutting all those little pieces....

and gluing them into garland - with big paper tassels on the ends. But when I saw how they looked in our Living-room, I cringed.

The colours are all wrong. The wood floors and trim in our house are dark and I've painted the walls to co-ordinate - that means ochres and deep botanical greens, which looks great (the mantle is the only thing painted close to white - and it's more of a rich, warm white). And then, there's this red and white garland. It just ends up looking cheap - and not cheap and cheerful - just plain, old cheap.

So...I've bought another roll of paper, this one is a bright, rich red and now I'm trying to decide if I should go ahead and start cutting, or just ditch the whole idea.

Any thoughts?


martiangirl said...

No. Ian should at least try the hat on, and I agree the stripes work well.

Jane said...

Hat is nice but if it's itchy...can you line it with some nice fleece?

As for the garlands - what about fabric garlands? Nice deep rich red and a softer white or ivory. the red should be the dominant colour.

vanessa said...

The Noro hat is gorgeous! Could you line it with a soft stretchy material? It would be such a shame for it not to be worn, I'll wear it if noone else wants to!!!!!!!!!!
I also like your red and white paper garland, and I don't think you should ditch the idea at all.................. infact, I have an idea that is purely to help you out of course.............( nothing to do with me liking the garland, and wanting it for my home!).............. my idea is that you do a grand giveaway! And the prize could be the garland!!!!!!!!!!! Just a suggestion of course, no ulterior motive on my part at aaallllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!