Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Nearly There

Christmas is coming along almost perfectly around here. Elly arrived back home safe and sound, and amazingly only a half hour late. She had to make a change of planes at Pearson airport in Toronto on Saturday afternoon, and somehow she managed to be one of the few lucky ones who sailed through with no cancellations and almost no delay. She was very lucky. One of her friends from Dublin got stuck in Heathrow and then Seattle as she tried to travel back home to her family in Spokane Washington. Poor Kalen, I hope you managed to make it to your family by now.

I've finished all my Christmas knitting, and I've decided to show it off (I'm fairly sure Elly and Ian will be too busy over the next day to check out my blog).

For Elly I made the Celtic Cable Neckwarmer, a free pattern available from Storm Moon Knits. The pattern called for worsted weight yarn (hooray, for worsted weight - it knits up lickety split), I used Mirasol Miski (that's 100% Llama, and oh so soft to the touch) in the classic colour for cables, cream, and finished it off with three vintage vegetable ivory buttons.

***Now Elly, I know you like everything matchy-poo and I realise the buttons don't match,but if that drives you crazy we can take them off and add something else, like a matched set of wood or mother of pearl buttons, don't panic***

And for Ian, who happened to see the Fish Hat from the latest issue of Knitty and longed for one of his own.

His wish has been granted. Hooray again for worsted weight yarn. Made form Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester Aran in a green colourway with shots of brown and turquoise and a little bit of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in black for the fins and lips. This pattern was fairly easy and I think the results are quite hilarious.

I've got my fingers crossed that they'll both like the choices I made for them.

And here are two gifts to all of you.

Though I'm none too sentimental and pretty much completely irreligious, I have a fondness for certain Christmas Carols, so here's one of my favourites:

And here's This for all the kids.

Happy Christmas everyone!


martiangirl said...

Does that llama song ever end? And just for the record I'm an Alpaca!;)

ian said...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Love that fish hat!!!

ambermoggie said...

gorgeous knitting:) Hope you enjoyed christmas with your family and glad Elly got back safely

Jane said...

Merry Christmas everyone. My brain cannot process the llama song. it just keeps going thud, thud, thud.