Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Little Christmas

Aren't these adorable little birdhouse ornaments for the tree? I was very pleased with this little purchase back in November. Sears had decided not to sell any more Martha Stewart products, so they were clearing out all of last year's Christmas stock at drastically reduced prices. I think these may have been originally marked at $8, but they were marked down to $1.94 and then had ANOTHER 75% off that! Wow! I won't bore you with the math, but I bought all they had - seven - and still had change from a five. I love a bargain, and was very pleased with myself.

'Course, you can't please everyone, and Nigel frequently shudders when I veer off to the bargain bin (I think he thinks it's beneath him). When we decorated the tree the other night I told him the story of my great bargain and there was some wise-ass remark about looking like Blitzen threw up.


I went out today to a lovely little boutique down the road, and before you could say, "they cost HOW much?", out came the Visa card,

and there are now THREE of these on the tree.

Only 'cause I'm trying to please everybody, don't you know.

I've got a little bit of last minute Christmas knitting on the needles, so I decorated a little (large) basket for myself.

And here's two snaps of what's in the works,

but no guessing as to what, or for who. You're just going to have to wait and see...


noricum said...

I love the little bird house! (I would have snapped at least one up too!)

ambermoggie said...

birdhouses etc are fabulous:) Intriguing knitting bTW especially the spring greens:) look forward to seeing what they become
Happy Yule

Nigel said...

"I love a bargain" -- never would have guessed.

Jane said...

the green yarn is beautiful!!! maybe next year you should have a green Christmas!
I have to say I prefer the more expensive ornament - it's just lovely.

martiangirl said...

Nice stuff ya got there! I have to say you take good pictures.