Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cold and Stormy, Inside and Out

We have a fierce Colorado Low sweeping over the eastern Prairies today. Do you like the view from the computer room window? It looks as though the snow is all the way up to the second storey.

***It's not really - we've only had about 15 centimetres.***

***I wonder if non-Prairie folk will find the word "only" an odd qualifier in that sentence. Hmmm...***

I started coming down with a whopper of a cold last night. It's been a long time since I've had a cold and there was next to no cold medicine in the house so I had to toddle off to the pharmacy this morning (yes, during the storm).

I've made a new best friend...

Cepacol spray - though I don't recommend it as a chaser with a Skinny Vanilla Latte.


I finished the linen shell I had been working on, I'm fairly please with how this turned out, though it could be a shade longer. It's been folded and put away to wait for a gentler sort of day, weather-wise.

I started a class last week in crochet. It's a craft that I've tried and tried to teach myself, but have never been able to figure out. But look!

During class I made this 2-inch square of single crochet, and it only took an hour and a half! I'm very pleased with myself. I may never be as competent with a hook as I am with needles, but I'll be delighted if I can master a few stitches.

Hooray for me!


Jane said...

your crochet is lovely!
sorry that you're not feeling well. hang in there - spring IS coming.

ian said...

Sorry you have a cold. I have one too. I haven't tried that Cepacol spray. My best friend right now is Benylyn. However, you beat me with the weather. We have neither 15 centimetres of snow nor an impending flood!

Good for you for learning a new skill. Can't remember when I last bothered to do that.

emerald_away said...

The shell looks great! And hooray for learning how to crochet. It's still on my list of things to do.

martiangirl said...

I once tried to crochet(in a circle) and it was tough, and on top of that mom forgot to mention that you had to add more stiches on every round. In the end it became a chin warmer.
Good for you for trying though!!!
All of our snow has disappeared, HOURRAY!!