Thursday, April 2, 2009

Girl on the Stairs

Locals will recognise this as yesterday's cruelness. March came in like a lion and left the same way. I'll not speak of it anymore.

On the needles, I've been making a quick and easy scarf using Kauni Effektgarn in colourway EQ. I used this pattern as a general guide, though I had to knit a lot more rows as this yarn is finer than the ones in the pattern.

This colourway works up into a rainbow repeat of colours - yellow / orange / red / purple / blue / green, and then back to yellow. I've finished all the knitting and am working a slip-stitch crochet edge (yes, I'm putting my crochet knowledge to use!). It's a nice bright, cheerful project - just what I need at the moment. I'll show it again when it's all done.

I've been continuing my battle with this cold, it's taken hold and doesn't seem to want to leave. My throat is terrible, and I can scarcely speak in the mornings.

Worse off, however is Ian. He's been spending his first week of spring break recuperating. He went in for surgery yesterday to remove two extra teeth. When he had his braces put on earlier this year, the orthodontist noticed a shadowy looking ghost of a tooth on the x-ray and after a CT scan it was found that there were two, which is a bit unusual (the Orthodontist calls him "the chosen one"). We made a trip to the dental surgeon yesterday (Dr. Blight - hee, hee), and now they're all gone.

Worse off still, is Elly. She went out Saturday night to celebrate her 22ND birthday, got a little tipsy and fell down a flight of stairs, cracking her kneecap. Now she's in a brace and on crutches. She's still planning to visit Liverpool this week-end and Paris the next. I suppose she should be happy she's not here and trying to scale snowbanks and ice ruts.

Here's one for you Elly (be patient, this one takes a while to load):


Jane said...

Elly!!!!! Why are you PLAGUED by these injuries??!?! Good musical selection Anne, well Elly was probably not naked when she fell.
I find that fellow in the red outfit a little strange and creepy. Are those ladies shoes he's wearing?

Miserable snow - be gone with you.

The knitting project looks great - how do you make so many things?


ambermoggie said...

Wow still snow, poor you:( So sorry to hear about the health stuff I think it is something to do with the end of the winter as we have also succumbed.Love the colourful knit:)

ian said...

Oh, Elly!!! I hope you're at least in good spirits. You must be the most accident prone person in our family...

And, Ian, I hope you are also in good spirits and that your recovery is well underway. I bow to you, chosen one!

Let's all hope the snow disappears without bringing too much flooding and that you all have a speedy recovery. Sending good vibes your way...