Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hey! Look!

There have been projects finished and started this week. Most important, I finally finished that Union Jack slipover that was driving me bananas. It looks kinda' cute, but I don't want to see it (or hear it) for a good long while. It's a very cute pattern, and if I work it again it will be in wool and not bamboo (too shiny and slippy) and I'd work it in the subtle colour way that Martin Storey had designed for it instead of my less than brilliant notion that I needed something bold and gaudy to wrap myself in. Let's move on...

Yesterday was my niece Thea's birthday (Happy Birthday Thea!). She's twelve now and requested speakers for her IPod. I couldn't resist adding a little handmade something to the parcel.

A little mousie from a pattern by Scottish designer Ysolda Teague. I love, love, love her designs, and bought her book Whimsical Little Knits a while back. It's a fantastic little book, full of adorable patterns. She sent it out as a series of downloads and also as a small paperback. I knit this wee mouse with the leftover bits of Garnstudio Alpaca Drops from the Deep in the Forest Mittens I finished back in March.

I'm feeling the need to knit lots more of these little mice....we shall see....

Work continues on the Loch Ness Monster,

what will I do with these things? I don't know.

Two weeks back, when I had my nasty slip and fall and sprained my ankle, I started this Bias Shawl pattern from Handmaiden yarns. I had the kit in my stash of yarn and fished it out before heading off to the hospital for x-rays. That's was a stroke of brilliance on my part, since I had to wait more than six hours to be seen.

Looks pretty good though.

Also up on the needles is a baby cardi for a little one due in June - my sister's brother-in-law's first born. I'm feeling certain that they're expecting a boy, and since I know they're fond of earth tones, I'm working it up in shades of olive and yellow-green.

And there's more...I didn't title this post Hey! Look! because of all the fantastic projects, no, no, no.

Nigel just shouted out to me, "Hey! Look! It's snowing!"

Just when we all thought it was safe to get out and do some yard work...


emerald_away said...

The slipover looks fantastic! I may have to get that Mousie pattern from you and make one. He's awfully sweet.

And Happy Birthday to Thea! :)

Nigel said...

Yes -- happy birthday Thea! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Jane said...

Hey the Union Jack top looks fantastic! Let's see a picture of you wearing it.

The mouse is adorable. It's the perfect size to hold in your hand and he's so soft. Beautiful!

What? Snow? we had 27 degrees here the other day (that's Celsius of course). Of course it's getting down to 4 tonight.

I will update my blog with photos from Thea's party and maybe some basketball too!