Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Growth

The leaves have all unfurled around here now and our house renovation is finally underway.

***note: this is going to be a very photo-heavy post so please be patient if it takes a while to load***

Before I show you the progress on the reno, here are the mice I've been working on:

a white pair,

one that ended up a wee bit wonky (I'm not sure why),

an albino mouse (requested by Ian),

two heathered mice, one grey and one beige,

two dark mice (I'm not so fond of this colourway - it's hard to see their eyes),

and three zombie mice (chartreuse with red eyes),

Adorable, no?

And now for the reno... snaps from yesterday:

here's the original house from the back - can you see I'm trying to choose a paint colour. I'm partial to one of the bright greens - maybe with red trim . Zombie House! (The contractor is trying to talk me out of it):

the interior of the sunroom, south wall:

the interior of the sunroom, north wall:

First thing this morning workman appeared ready to get cracking. We did a quick hello, then I went to walk Gus. Twenty minutes later almost all the windows were gone, as well as a good chunk of panelling.


The dogs had fantastic ring-side seats.

They work incredibly effieciently. This would take me years to accomplish...

By lunchtime there was no roof at all...

and by half-past three, the sunroom was no more.

Holy Dinah!


emerald_away said...

Eep! Will there be any house left at all when I get home??

Jane said...

pick the blue, pick the blue - I love it with the grass. It'll be fresh and lovely with the snow too and especially on those drab fall days..... you could do a grey or taupey trim (one of those three colours on the side)....

zombie mice - strangely great
zombie house - I'm with the contractor on that

this is so exciting - I'm looking forward to seeing the progress from my safe and comfortable spot in front of my computer

Love Jane
p.s. the verification word is crubra, possibly short for cruel bra or some kind of fiery cobra

noricum said...

I love those mice *so* much!

The bright greens look kind of "army" to me.

Your house looks (looked) like a rather interesting hodge-podge from the back. Multiple additions done at different times?

When I was in Fredericton, many of the houses had *two* trim colours (for different parts of the trim, eg, trim around window vs actual frame, etc), and they looked *fabulous*, and so much better than with only one trim colour.

PS: My verification word is "resculne", which sounds a lot like "rescue me".

martiangirl said...

Love the mice, although the zombie ones kind of freaked me out. I liked the albino one and the heathered ones.
I'd go with the contractor on the house though, are you having some sort of zombie craze?

ian said...

Love the zombie mice and unlike the other comentators I'm partial to some sort of green for the house, but probably a more mossy or khaki tone than the one you're thinking of. You know me and my fascination with earthy, muddy, dun colours! Don't know about the red for trim though.

That sun room sure disappeared fast. Does the kitchen go next? Are you going to be barbecuing all summer or just eating out? I have so many questions.

My verication word is "anina" which sort of reminds me of "a ninny" or "la nina" or "el nino".

shillelagh said...

Green with red trim?? Not you, Anne. Are you feeling arbitrary or what? ;>)

You know we love the mice! Nice touch, an albino mouse.

My word is "melerit", could be "mellow out?" Dunno.