Saturday, May 9, 2009

Snow in May

We woke up this morning to a May snowfall.

It didn't last past noon, and the skies cleared later in the day, and a lovely fresh smell was left behind - just like rain, and it was very pretty...

but, really now. It's May!


I went to a baby shower this afternoon. It was a very civilised affair - not like the baby shower we had for wee Ian. Today, it was all very lovely - the weather had cleared, the company was polite and the little Luisa Juniper was lovely (she screamed her head off for a moment and then settled right down).

I made her the Hayfield Baby set - my go-to pattern for new-borns. It always impresses people, but it's in fact, quite simple.

Do you want to know about Ian's shower?

We had it at The Red Cactus, that's a local bar, while I was still hugely pregnant and an ex-boyfriend showed up hammered out of his mind and asking to borrow money. Swish!

Let's move on...

I bought a lovely vintage sterling locket on e-Bay a while back.

I had searched and searched for one I liked (I wanted it to be BIG) and finally found one - it's an inch and a half tall. I put it on a super-long 32-inch sterling chain, and I love it. I wear it almost every day.

The back is inscribed with a quote from Shakespeare's Sonnet 116:

Love is not love
Which alters when it alterations finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.
O no! It is an
ever-fixed mark
That looks on Tempests
and is never shaken.

Inside are photos of the kids.

Now, understand, the Tempests are the kids, and my love for them is true, despite them, and how they drive me batty.

So don't go telling Elly I'm sentimental.

She'll just tell you I'm mental.


Jane said...

Happy Mother's Day Anne!
Snow is so lovely - in December. How dare it appear in May. Next weekend is the traditional planting weekend so can we take that as winter's last gasp?

The locket is gorgeous - your patience has really been rewarded.

ambermoggie said...

Snow? it is fabulous hre today (for a change)