Monday, March 15, 2010


I finished Trinket the other day. It's glorious.

Worked in Elann Silken Kydd in the Pewter colourway, the yarn is luscious - and far more affordable than Rowan's equivalent, Kid Silk Haze.

I will, however, admit that Rowan's colours are, for the most part, much nicer.

The body of this scarf is knit on the bias with stripes of ruching.

Did you know that "ruche" is from the Old French word "rusche", meaning beehive? Neither did I, I just looked it up now...betcha didn't know this could be educational!...I've also learned how to use the "italics" feature on blogger - I'm really on fire today.

Each edge has two deep ruffles with a beaded cast-off. The pattern called for size 8/0 beads, but instead I've used silver-lined crystal beads in a size 6/0 (that's one size larger), giving the edges significant weight.


In my last post I added an ad for natural gas from Belgium, and my brother wanted to know if I trolled YouTube looking for clips with knitting. The answer is no, not at all, although when I find one I'm always keen to share. Last post I thought it would be funny to have a cheesy ad at the end to go along with my "sales pitch" for the Bog Boots. I couldn't find anything I liked by searching "cheesy ad", so I googled "award winning ads 2009" and the gas ad was the first one I found - and, Wow! That one was a keeper!

And today?

Well, I went looking through YouTube using the word "glorious", but didn't find anything that appealed.

However, some how I did come across the following, which more than makes up for any lack of cheesiness in the last clip.


ian said...

Ooooo... you find brilliant stuff on Youtube. I love the Monty Python/Star Trek mash. I would never have thought of that myself but it definitely works.

Beautiful knitting project by the way! And to add a bit to the educational mission of this blog, the word ruche still means beehive in modern French. Now I didn't actually know that, but was just curious so looked it up... I am such a nerd!

martiangirl said...

I agree(Ians' a nerd, must run in the family). Interesting video, how did you get the idea to search such weird stuff?
My verification word is enjutri. If you say it with a french accent, it sounds sort of like the word for injustice.

ian said...

I love this verification word game! My current one is debou, which is practically identical to debout, the French word for "standing up". I wonder what all this means. "Injustice", "standing up"... sounds like a call to arms for social justice!

Wow, am I way off topic for this blog or what?