Friday, March 26, 2010


I've very little to show for the last wee while... except for this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle I finished (took an entire week). This was one of my 101 things to do.

It`s not like I haven`t been doing anything else, just nothing worth nattering about...

I cleaned and organised the basement - all my plant pots are in nice, neat little rows...

and I`ve been knitting plenty lately, but I`m afraid I can`t show you any of it -`s for Christmas...

I`ve even got a few `finds`I could show you, but I`m not going to do that either - found a fab old wicker picnic basket (perfect for summer), and an absolute peach of a lamp (ideal for the new landing)...they both just need...well...a touch of work...which I`ve added to the already lengthy `to-do`list. I`m considering doing a before and after shoot, but I`m not sharing until I have the after shots.

What I do have for you, are two videos from Nick Cave. He`s been playing a fair bit on my IPod of late, and his gloomy, doomy attitude is suiting me just dandy.

If you have sharp eyes you`ll see Jarvis Cocker shimmy his way through a few frames on the first clip.


Nigel said...

You should have posted a warning that the dancing contained in the first video may shock and disturb some of your younger blog readers.

That said, if wee Ian ever has a wedding social, I know who we're booking as entertainment. (It will give me a chance to show off some of my dance moves.)

martiangirl said...

I'm sure Uncle Nigel is an amazing dancer, but I will conveniently not be present during his performance.
Nice puzzle.

On the other hand,youtube is a great beginning for unrecognized talent.