Wednesday, July 15, 2009

101 in 1001

Here's my list:

1. Bake a loaf of bread from scratch.

2. Try at least one new recipe every week for twelve weeks.

3. Donate a goat.

4. Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Completed March 11, 2010.

5. Have a picnic under a tree.

6. Get a pedicure.

7. Make homemade salsa.

8. Organise digital photos and files. Completed the Files (only) - December 18,2009.

9. Clear out basement, send lots to charity.

10. Stand out in the rain and get completely soaked. It was tempting to make this a "dance naked to the rites of spring", but Nigel blanched. Completed July 29, 2009.

11. Clean out closets and donate old clothes.

12. Buy a new wardrobe!!! Please see number 64.

13. Have a candlelit dinner.

14. Spend three days wandering Winnipeg taking pictures.

15. Plan a trip around seeing a concert in a different city.

16. See at least three exhibits at the WAG. Bugs Bunny - March 21, 2010

17. Visit three cities I've never been to before. Chicago this autumn. New York? Paris? Glory! Saw Chicago September 17-20, 2009. Very nice!

18. Read a book on manners. Try using a few.

19. Sign up for bookcrossing - drop five books.

20. Give blood. I'm borderline anemic - I'll have to eat a lot of spinach and liver in the weeks leading up to this.

21. Join bone marrow transplant list.

22. See one film a month at Cinematheque for one year.

23. Buy a little black dress.

24. Watch the sun rise.

25. Give up soda for six months. Started August 1, 2009. Completed January 31, 2010

26. Buy new glasses. OK, I know, I'll need them replaced before 1001 days are up anyway, but you know, I need some easy ones.

27. Buy prescription sunglasses.

28. Go to bed by 11 pm every night for a week.

29. Fast for 24 hours.

30. Learn how to use my camera flash.

31. Read 6 novels in three months. I use to read like a demon as a child, but almost never read fiction nowadays.

32. Read a book in the park.

33. Take one photo a day for one month.

34. Go one week without spending any money.

35. Paint a picture.

36. Make a donation to an art gallery.

37. Make a short animated film.

38. Go to the theatre.

39. Watch 6 films in 24 hours.

40. Watch five musicals I've never seen before.

41. Throw a party. Not in my nature - this will be a major achievement.

42. Attend a party. I DO get invited, but almost always jam out.

43. Watch a movie trilogy back to back.

44. Go 48 hours without touching a computer. It doesn't count if the computer is acting up.

45. Get my own laptop.

46. Fly a kite.

47. Climb a tree.

48. Spend all day in my jammies.

49. Buy a suit.

50. Talk to someone famous. I'm regretting not chatting with LeVar Burton when I had the chance. Fool.

51. Bake a pie from scratch.

52. Donate $5 for every goal not completed.

53. Knit a fairisle sweater.

54. Eat no refined sugar for one week. This must not coincide with numbers 51 or 78. Amazing! I did it! March 6 - March 18, 2010 (almost two weeks)!

55. Keep track of all finances for one month. I know, I know, it's shameful.

56. See 3 concerts.

57. Go to the ballet.

58. Go to the opera.

59. Go two weeks without using the credit card.

60. Catalogue all books and DVDs.

61. Bring my own shopping bags without fail, for six months. Started July 16, 2009. Completed January 16, 2010 (and have no intention of stopping).

62. Bring a travel mug to coffee houses without fail, for six months. Started July 16, 2009. Completed January 16, 2010, no problem!

63. Buy a piece of original art.

64. Drop a size. Starting from tomorrow - I've actually already dropped a size from last autumn. Could actually stand to drop a few sizes, but nevermind that.

65. Plant a tree.

66. Sew a tote bag.

67. Watch the sun set.

68. Buy a new bed. Completed December, 2009.

69. Learn beginner's conversational Norwegian. You'll have to trust me when I tell you this goal is completed.

70. Sew a quilt.

71. Finish the Asian Ladies cross-stitch. Begun a couple of years ago.

72. Take a road trip somewhere other than Fargo.

73. Learn to use a drop spindle. Purchased one July 29, 2009.

74. Sign up for TKGA Masters Knitting course.

75. Post everyday to the blog for two weeks.

76. Hike through Spirit Sands. Completed August 30, 2009.

77. Buy no new yarn for six months. I'd considered twelve months, then reconsidered. Started September 1, 2009. I did it! Completed February 28, 2010.

78. Bake cookies every Friday for eight weeks.

79. Design and knit a knitted object.

80. Upload a short film to Youtube.

81. Write a heartfelt note to someone. Not the sort of thing I would EVER do.

82. Make homemade jelly.

83. Buy fresh cut flowers every week for six weeks. I think, perhaps, in the dead of winter.

84. Stop swearing for six weeks. Damn it.

85. Make a collage.

86. Wear a Hallowe'en costume (on Hallowe'en).

87. Wear a different hat everyday for two weeks. I use to be known for my hat-wearing! What the hell happened? Oops - must stop swearing...

88. Bring Betsy out to visit.

89. Put together two emergency kits - one for home, one for auto. Gads! How long has THAT been on the "to do" list! One is in the trunk of the car as I type! - December, 2009

90. Buy a ukulele. I've always wanted one, and since they're popular right now... Completed August 26, 2009.

91. Sign up for a beginner ukulele class.

92. Watch Nigel's complete boxed set of Kubrick films.

93. Watch Nigel's complete boxed set of Herzog films. My Best Fiend - completed July 25, 2009.

94. Go one week without reading, watching or listening to the news. This will be hard for me.

95. Sleep under the stars.

96. Jump on a trampoline.

97. Sign up for a Pilate's class.

98. Visit Jane in Toronto.

99. Get another tattoo.

100. Overwinter an impatiens plant. Successfully.

101. Grow a pumpkin.

Some are seasonal, a few won't be considered until after the reno is finished, many I've done before, quite a few of them aren't really all that challenging just things I really should get around to, but the plan is to have the list completed by April 12, 2012 and that's starting as of tomorrow.

Wish me lykke til!.

...that's good luck in Norwegian...


Nigel said...

Good list. I know that I will certainly enjoy items, 1, 2, 5, 7, 15, 17, 34, 39, 43, 51, 55, 56, 58, 59, 68, 72, 76, 82, 92, and 93. Regarding the Hertzog DVDs, please note that we own two box sets (so I assume you will be watching all 13 movies -- some of which, I haven't even seen yet). Don't start without me! Oooh, this is going to be such fun!

aniexma said...

Ah yes, about number 34 - that just means I'll have to do a hell of a big shop the week before.

Sorry - haven't started the not swearing thing just yet.

noricum said...

Let me know if you'd like a drop spindle lesson. :) I've successfully taught several people now.

Also, if you're interested, I can let you know when my art club has it's next show... ;)

vanessa said...

Well, the pedicure, I think that should be no.1 on your list, then you can tackle the rest looking very glamorous!
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

Jane said...

ooh ooohhhh ohhhh #98!!!!

we planted pumpkin seeds one year in the front yard. they just grew all over the place it was wonderful but I've never remembered to plant them early enough to do it again. It was kind of a hassle for Hart - he had to lift them up to cut the grass underneath them. Those pumpkins just wander where they will.

desertpeach said...

Great List!
Good luck

You should join us at
It's a new worldwide cultural item exchange network.

It would be great to add to a 101 list

Ingrid said...

heehee! i like your list quite a bit - i've added it to my bookmarks..

my list starts tomorrow. (eek!)