Friday, July 17, 2009

Fair Bits

A canola field. Proof that it's summer despite the dismal weather this last week.

There has been a fair bit accomplished on the reno (in between torrential downpours).

Two views from inside - last week.

Floorboards baking in the sun.

The dogs baking on what they believe is the new deck. They're mistaken.

Holy Smoke! Walls! I experienced a moment of thinking the space was too small. I've been assured it's just an illusion.

What will be a back door.

What will be a laundry room window.

What will be a bathroom window.

Soon to be a window over a kitchen sink, also, further down the wall, patio doors.

Looking out the upstairs window - brackets going in for the second story floor joists.

I've accomplished a fair bit of knitting lately.

The Big Needle Wrap that was suppose to take an evening and in fact ate up nearly six weeks has been finished for a while. I had put it away for Autumn, but it was so unbelievably cold yesterday Elly was wearing it.

The Tangled Yoke Cardigan now has a sleeve as well as a body.

Also, a different mouse from the others I've made.

One of the knights from Alan Dart's "Tails of Yore" pattern set from Simply Knitting.

I'll be making a few mice from this series of patterns, which I'll show and tell another time.

This afternoon I'm off to see the new Star Trek film at the IMAX. Ooooo...50 foot Spock!


ian said...

Great progress on the renos! I bet it will take shape really quickly now.

Hey, Mom is making those same mice, though I haven't seen her do a knight yet.

Jane said...

I love the knight!!!!!

the reno is getting so exciting I can't wait to see what happens next!!

Margaret L. said...

Hi, I know your mom, I work at her fav. yarn store and have seen all of her mice. Love love love them, your knight is gorgeous!!
ps. She gave me your blog name.
Take care. Margaret L. in Victoria.

shillelagh said...

Love your knight mouse! SWEET!