Thursday, July 30, 2009

Careful What You Wish For

A wee note:

At suppertime last night rain began to fall - and not just outside.

It was bucketing down through most of the entire back of the house. Master Bedroom, Ian's room, Upstairs Hall, Kitchen and into the basement - BUCKETING all over the electrical panel.

I called the contractor who showed up immediately, unfortunately he couldn't get hold of any of the tradesmen so Nigel and I had to assist him in trying to secure the house from the rain. Earlier the tradesmen had set up loads of plastic sheeting across the roof, but the rain was falling so hard and fast that it was just pooling into a massive lake over the entire back section of the house, where all the shingles had been removed. I need to mention that the contractor was a bit puzzled when I called, as he only lives a few minutes away and it wasn't raining at all in his neighbourhood.

We climbed up to the new second story on rather slippery ladders and used brooms to push most of the water off and into the back garden, by the time we'd accomplished that, the rain had slowed to a mere shower rather than a downpour, and had slowed to a trickle inside the house.

Big hoorays all around, and Nigel pointed out that I'd accomplished one of my 101 goals - standing out in the rain and getting completely soaked (Number 10).

I'll confess that I had been envisioning something a little more romantic/cathartic when I set that goal, and not a mad dash through mud and nails, hoping that the house wasn't about to explode into an electrical fire.

I've been looking over the other "things" on my list and some are beginning to look ominous, like #13 candlelit dinner, well that could be a power outage, #47 climb a tree, ummm, bears have been known to stray into the city, and #20 donate blood, perhaps I should have specified The Red Cross and not the local wildlife.

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Jane said...

dreadful. a personalized rain shower...