Monday, June 18, 2012

Good Mud

Check out my new Cube after puddle jumping.  Doesn't he make the most adorable mud splatter patterns?    Too cute!

The late spring garden is well into blooming.  This lavender is a very large Spanish Lavender purchased at least four or five years ago at Sage Garden Herbs.  It's not perennial to our region, but Sage Garden offers an overwintering at the greenhouse for a small fee (I've been sending a rosemary there too). 

When I sent the plants in last autumn, I was sure the lavender had met it's end and it wasn't going to survive, but it's come back better than ever this year.  The blooms on this type of lavender are beautiful, it's also called "butterfly lavender" because it looks like pink butterflies are resting on the top of each bloom.  Here's a link of images to enjoy.

The peonies are also happy (though nearing the end of their bloom cycle).

A view of the side garden - click on the photo to open it and you'll see Gus on the far left, inspecting...

New this year, a set of sun and moon solar lights from Canadian Tire.  I admired them for a few weeks, waiting patiently for them to go on sale, which they did.  Hooray for me!

I've also been admiring these solar firefly lights, also at Canadian Tire.  They may not look like much in that photo, but they're awfully sweet in person.  I'm trying to be patient and wait for those to go on sale too. You see Nigel, I'm not as impulsive a shopper as I sometimes appear.

New to the garden this year, are a few ever-bearing strawberry plants, which are showing great promise.  I planted them in one of these, seeing as strawberries can sometimes get a tad aggressive.

Here's some more sweetness...

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