Monday, October 29, 2012

Goodbye to Whimsy

 After a stressful month of family health issues, we passed through a difficult week-end, having to say goodbye to Elly's beloved Shih Tzu, Whimsy. 

Though tiny in stature, she made her presence felt.  She would easily tolerate hand-knit sweaters, fancy dress costumes and small children...

but almost never tolerated Sunday morning joggers passing the living-room window, interlopers in her home or Gus sitting on a bed next to her - she taught him that the cold, hard floor was good enough (a rule he only followed when she was near).  

She could be both sunshine and storm, snuggly and squirmy, often loving, always lovable.

 Goodbye, Whimsy-Doodle.  You'll be missed.


Elly said...

Thank you for this lovely memorial to my sweet girl.

Nigel said...

My favourite Whimsy moments:

1. when she pooped in my shoe;

2. when Ian described her as "bedraggled" for a vocabulary assignment for school; and

3. the time she jumped into the lake and got covered in green slime.

We'll miss you Doodle. You were one of a kind.