Saturday, December 8, 2012


'Tis the season - I managed to miss Hallowe'en here in blogland, but I'll try to make up for it with more than one December post.  Ambitious words, I know.

The small tinsel tree has been set up on the upstairs landing.  I love this wee tree, it stands just over four feet tall and is bedecked with loads of vintage glass ornaments.  I think it's charming, however, if I remember correctly, Nigel described it as "looking like it belonged at a junk store".  He's almost as charming as the tree.  Perhaps he feels it's simply not good enough to be hanging out with his autographed Star Wars snaps.  Speaking of autographed snaps, we have a small stack of Star Trek ones I've yet to frame - the wall will eventually be quite crowded.

Back in the first week of November Nigel and I went to ComicCon and stood in line to get Patrick Stewart's autograph - he was very nice (chattier than William Shatner in a previous year).  Nigel also stood in line for Marina Sirtis and Billy Dee Williams, possibly also Nichelle Nichols (though I can't remember now, and the photos aren't on the wall yet).  Nigel tried to be charming to Marina Sirtis, telling her she "looked great", and also remarked that she was "aging much better than Jonathan Frakes".  Apparently the first line went over better than the second.

Off the needles in the recent past:

A pair of mittens in the Horatio and Oren pattern from Barbara Gregory in the Fall 2012 issue of Twist Collective.  The pattern is very sweet, with an option to make snowy owls (worked as a pale owl on a darker background, and with a rounded top), or as horned owls (dark owls on light, with tiny points worked off each side of the top).  How sweet are they?  I gifted them to Elly.

They even have tail feathers!  Adorable!  I neglected to make a note of which yarn I used, but I think it may have been Sublime Extra Fine Merino , and made in the adult small size.  It's not like me to not make a note of the yarn I've used, but it's really not been the best Autumn.

Also finished is the Slanted and Enchanted scarf from this post, back in June.  I didn't care for it for myself when I finished it, so gifted it to Yolande in the back garden.  Doesn't she look festive?

Lastly, off the needles (a fair ways back) is Wilhelmina Witch, from two posts ago.  After much sewing and wrapping and gluing, she was finished by the beginning of October and resides on a bench in the kitchen with Bill the Pirate and the Octopuss.

 The light wasn't the best when I took this picture, but her face is sweet and funny with a huge nose.

In my next post I'll show you all the new things on the needles.

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Nigel said...

I'm kind of hurt that I didn't get the Slanted & Enchanted scarf. I want to look festive.