Saturday, August 3, 2013


Well, July has flown right by, and there have been many knitting projects that have been started and finished this year that I still haven't blogged.  So, over the next few posts (all of which are being composed today, and will be posted over the next few days) I'm going to get myself caught up on the documenting of projects that is suppose to be this blog!

Started back in March - March the 2nd if my Ravelry page is to be believed - is Paon designed by Kerry Milani.  I worked this up in Royal Wedding by Fyberspates, a very beautiful sapphire blue merino/alpaca/silk blend lace yarn with silver thread running through - this yarn was inspired by the Royal Wedding back in 2011.  I ordered the yarn back when it was first in production and it sat waiting for the right project.  After  starting and stopping another project with the yarn, I chose Paon as  the obvious choice for one particular pattern.  Why obvious, you ask?  Well, because my eldest, Elly, was planning her own wedding for July of this year with the colour/decor theme of peacocks (paon is french for peacock).  Meant to be!

Each eye of the peacock feathers are beaded with 13 beads.  I'm noticing that the one I chose to photograph has only 12 - there's suppose to be four at the base of the eye - Oops!  Thirteen being a good number, as the wedding was held on the 13th of July, 2013. 

I had thought I might have the shawl as a wrap for the event, but ended up buying a bright turquoise silk dress to wear (altered by my friend Lori - thanks again Lori!), and the sapphire and the turquoise competed too much with each other.  So, I ended up wearing a silvery-white wrap (store-bought, I'm ashamed to say), and Elly took the sapphire wrap to wear at the reception - which she didn't, because her dress was so heavy she was already over-heated!

Still, it's a beautiful shawl and she's got a lovely knitted memento of the day, in the same colour as the bridesmaids dresses!


Jane said...

It's beautiful! Elly needs to model it so we can admire it more.

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