Sunday, December 15, 2013

And Then, Of Course, There was October...

We're not even going to talk about how negligent I've been in updating this year, instead we're going to plow through the end of the year with abandon!  Clearly, these snaps date back to Hallowe'en judging by the mantle decor in the upcoming image -  just ignore.

First project up is a pair of socks in the Pirate Danger pattern by Jeannie Cartmel.  Can you see the skull and cross bones appearing in the pattern?  They're being worked in Trekking Pro Natura by Zitron in the colourway called Jeans.  I started knitting them way back at the beginning of September and have only picked them up periodically since then, even now, I've not yet finished the first sock, but I'll still count it as an October project, since it sat staring at me through the month.

Both started and finished during October was the Morticia Shawl by Boo Knits.  Morticia was offered up at the end of September as a MKAL for October (MKAL stands for Mystery Knit-A-Long).  The pattern would be delivered up as four clues without seeing an example of the finished project, one clue a week for four weeks, with any dawdlers to be finished up by Hallowe'en.  I managed to finish by the 30th.  I've taken part in a Knit-A-Long (a KAL) before, but never in mystery form.  It was an interesting experience, but I think I prefer seeing where I'm going when I'm on a journey.

It was worked in JaggerSpun Heather 2/20 in the Lava colourway with matte black beads.  It's beautifully heavy with beads, giving it a lovely drape with deep Gothic points along the lower edge.  Very Morticia, indeed!

I'll be updating more this week in a desperate attempt to wrap up this year before it ends for real!

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Nigel said...

It's starting to look a lot like Hallowe'en!